• Imaging of Degenerative and Infectious Conditions of the Spine


    Sagittal real-time bSSFP cine images of the cervical spine demonstrate multilevel spondylotic disease. With extension, there is impingement of the cord at the C5-C6 level due to anterior disc osteophyte complex and posterior thickened ligamentum flavum. There is hyperdynamic motion of the cord just distal to the cord impingement, likely due to accelerated CSF flow effects. With flexion, the cord impingement decreases.

    Video Annotations

    Total cine clip time 0:35 with repeated flexion and extension motions showing the findings below: 

    0:05 - Extension

    0:08 - Flexion

    This is repeated through the course of the cine clip.

    This video has been taken from "Imaging of Degenerative and Infectious Conditions of the Spine," a manuscript that can be read in a future issue of NEUROSURGERY. It was submitted by corresponding author Lubdha M. Shah from the Departments of Radiology and Imaging Sciences and Neurosurgery, University of Utah, Salt Lake City, Utah. This manuscript is one in the Neuroradiology Review Series.

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