• Microsurgical ligation of spinal arteriovenous fistulae: techniques


    Chad A. Tuchek, B.S. and Aaron A. Cohen-Gadol, M.D., MSc

    Goodman Campbell Brain and Spine and Indiana University Department of Neurological Surgery, Indianapolis, Indiana

    Abstract Spinal dural arteriovenous fistula (dAVF) is an acquired abnormal arterial-to-venous connection within the spinal dura with a wide range of clinical presentations and natural history. Spinal dAVF occurs when a radicular artery makes a direct anomalous shunt with a radicular vein within the dura of the nerve root sleeve. Spinal dAVFs are the most common vascular malformation of the spine.

    The authors present a patient who presented with sudden temporary lower extremity weakness secondary to an L1 spinal dAVF. The details of microsurgical techniques to disconnect the fistula are discussed in this video.

    Aaron A. Cohen-Gadol, M.D., MSc, Goodman Campbell Brain and Spine, Indiana University Department of Neurological Surgery, 355 W. 16th St, Suite 5100, Indianapolis, IN 46202. email: acohenmd@gmail.com

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