• The 2016 Tumor Satellite Symposium: Exploring Exciting New Advances in Low-grade Glioma Management

    Authors: Steven N. Kalkanis, MD
    Brian V. Nahed, MD
    Chetan Bettegowda


    The Joint Tumor Section announces a Satellite Symposium that will take place in conjunction with the 2016 CNS Annual Meeting, September 23–24, 2016, in San Diego, California. This year’s meeting theme, Low-grade Gliomas: Management Strategies and Innovations, highlights exciting new developments in the management of central nervous system tumors. We are delighted to welcome three keynote speakers: Mitchel Berger, Hughes Duffau, and Jim Rutka, all world-renowned pioneers in the management of low-grade gliomas.

    The theme for this year’s meeting was prompted by incredible recent advances in the biological understanding of low-grade gliomas intersecting with compelling data regarding the multi-modality treatment of these tumors focused around maximal safe resection. Particular highlights include technological advances that permit surgeons to remove tumors to an extent and fashion that were previously not possible.

    Day one (September 23) of the symposium is focused on biology and management of adult low-grade gliomas and associated technological advancements. Day two (September 24) will center around pediatric low-grade tumors, outcomes, and future treatment paradigms. Oral presentations selected from submitted abstracts will be interspersed throughout both days.

    This year, we’re introducing new breakfast sessions that pair senior neurosurgeons with students, residents, and junior faculty to discuss pertinent topics such as starting a research lab, becoming involved in clinical trials, and finding the best possible academic position. These discussions will be facilitated by notable neurosurgeons in small-group settings to maximize meaningful interactions.

    Indeed, the primary goal of this meeting is to facilitate and engage individuals interested in neurosurgical oncology to learn the state of the art from pioneers in the field. There has been an explosion of information which has led to an understanding of the molecular basis of low-grade gliomas at a depth and breadth that has never been seen before. This was highlighted by back-to-back articles in the June 2015 New England Journal of Medicine (NEJM). These articles described the genetic basis of low-grade gliomas, and proposed novel molecularly-based classification schemes, which have tremendous implications for future research, clinical trials, prognosis, diagnosis, and treatment paradigms. We are fortunate to have leaders in each of these arenas deliver talks at this year’s Tumor Satellite Symposium. We will also discuss another landmark study in NEJM published in April 2016, that demonstrated the utility of using chemotherapy in addition to radiation therapy for the treatment of lower-grade gliomas.

    There has never been a more exciting time to be involved in studying and caring for individuals with low-grade gliomas. We hope that the Tumor Satellite Symposium will be able to encapsulate and disseminate the incredible progress that has and will continue to be made. We look forward to seeing you all in beautiful San Diego!

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