• Access NEUROSURGERY® Publications at the 2017 CNS Annual Meeting

    Authors: Nelson M. Oyesiku, MD
    Brandon J. Fiedor, MA

    NEUROSURGERY® Publications is everywhere you look at the 2017 CNS Annual Meeting! Neurosurgery, Operative Neurosurgery, and the newly unveiled digital platform, The Surgeon's Armamentarium (TSA), will be featured prominently at this year's meeting, with opportunities for attendees to sample journal products and interact with leadership and staff.

    NEUROSURGERY® Publications Editor-in-Chief, Nelson M. Oyesiku, MD, will address the meeting during General Scientific Session III, Tuesday, 12:10-12:15 pm, discussing recent journal initiatives and accomplishments.

    Journals in the Exhibit Hall

    Two attendee booths in the Exhibit Hall feature Neurosurgery and Operative Neurosurgery. At the Neurosurgery booth, visitors can obtain complimentary copies of the journal, interact with the new digital platform, and learn more about current and future journal offerings.

    The Operative Neurosurgery booth will feature live demonstrations of TSA's capabilities. Launched in February, TSA is an innovative, dynamic, and robust digital platform combining the vast repository of CNS textbooks, Neurosurgery and Operative Neurosurgery articles, multimedia, clinical cases and compendiums, and device and instrumentation documentation. All of this information is made accessible by a powerful search engine to deliver essential educational and operative content. Access to TSA is a CNS member and individual non-member subscriber benefit. At the booth, attendees will be able to try TSA and learn more about this exciting new feature while interacting with editorial staff.

    Neurosurgery Paper of the Year

    The Neurosurgery Paper of the Year will recognize the most impactful papers published in Neurosurgery from June 2016 to June 2017. Preferred papers are those that challenge dogma, create a paradigm shift, propose new approaches to patient care, or analyze and interpret big data and trial results. Awards will be given for Top Paper of the Year, Top Paper of the Year-Runner Up, and Paper of the Year: Section Level (chosen from select subspecialties). Recipients of the Top Paper of the Year and Paper of the Year: Section Level will be invited to present their paper during the Monday and Wednesday morning General Scientific Sessions.

    Editor-in-Chief Roundtable

    The Editor-in-Chief Roundtable is a new session divided into two segments. The first portion gives attendees the opportunity to hear from NEUROSURGERY® Publications thought-leaders about content the journals currently find most relevant as well gain insight into how submissions are evaluated for publication. The panel discussion will then be followed by a question-and-answer session, moderated by Dr. Oyesiku, during which attendees will have the chance to interact with the panel and pose journalrelated questions. Join us there on Tuesday, at 1:00 pm.

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