• Adult Spinal Deformity Classification Provides Further Treatment Insight

    By: Nathaniel P. Brooks, MD

    Source: http://journals.lww.com/neurosurgery/Fulltext/2013/10000/The_SRS_Schw...

    Adult spinal deformity (ASD) is an extremely difficult condition to treat. Recognizing the appropriate indication and selecting the proper surgical solution is difficult because of the three dimensional nature of spine deformity. In an effort to facilitate surgical decision-making, the Scoliosis Research Society developed the SRS-Schwab classification of ASD. This classification system is designed to provide a simple way to classify ASD and provide a better understanding of the surgical indications. The authors prospectively applied the SRS-Schwab classification to 527 patients, then correlated classifications to clinical outcome measures, operative and non-operative care. This report provides further insight into the types of ASD patients that undergo surgery and the kinds of surgical therapies. If you take care of patients with ASD you will find this work helpful in further categorizing and understanding ASD treatments and outcomes.



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