• The American Board Of Neurological Surgery Establishes Requirements For Maintenance Of Certification

    • Nov 28, 2006

    The practice of neurosurgery continues to evolve at an astonishing rate. Life-long learning is not only desirable but is an essential aspect of any neurosurgeons career. In an effort to assist neurosurgeons in this learning process, the American Board of Neurological Surgery has established a program for maintenance of certification that promotes continued education and development of neurosurgical skills necessary to provide our patient's quality care.

    Through its MOC® program, the ABNS hopes to promote and support its Diplomates' dedication to life-long learning, with the ultimate goal to foster excellence in patient care. Participation in this process will encourage, stimulate, and support continuing education in the practice of neurosurgery. In addition, participating neurosurgeons are given the opportunity to comply with the requirements that are likely to be established by governing bodies, reimbursement institutions, and hospital administrators. more...>>

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