• CNS Foundation, Inc.

    As the CNS Foundation continues to refine its vision and establish its role in advancing neurosurgical practice, the organization has proven this past year that we truly are better when we work together with other organizations to support our shared goals.

    Through an unprecedented partnership with the Foundation for the National Institutes of Health (FNIH), the CNS Foundation was able to award the first ever NINDS/CNS Getch Scholar K12 Award in 2016 to Dr. Brian Dlouhy, assistant professor and pediatric neurosurgeon at the University of Iowa.

    With his two-year award, Dr. Dlouhy is working to advance our understanding of the effective connectivity between the amygdala and the brainstem, brainstem sites involved in control of breathing during seizures, and brainstem and cortical regions involved in dyspnea.

    The Foundation Board of Directors is confident that the Getch Scholar award will significantly impact our specialty and have established a fund within the Foundation to support the award for future years, with hopes of ultimately granting the two-year award on an annual basis. The Foundation has also collaborated extensively with the Joint Sections in 2016. The Foundation’s Board of Directors is grateful to have collected $45,000 in grants from the Sections this year, not only to help support the new Getch Scholar award fund, but to support critical guidelines initiatives such as guidelines development and training, and guidelines methodology training for surgeons who will lead these workgroups in the future. These new grants, along with continued growth in individual contributions from our members and a successful fundraiser during the 2015 Annual Meeting, helped the CNS Foundation add more than $107,000 in revenue to its general and other funds in 2016, and contributed to a 38 percent growth in net assets for the year.

    With this financial success and the continued growth of these partnerships, the CNS Foundation is poised to make a significant impact on the quality of neurosurgical care and thus enrich the lives of patients and “ families around the world.


    "I was absolutely elated to receive the NINDS/CNS Getch Scholar Award. Not only has this award provided me added inspiration to continue my research efforts, but as a result of the award, I’ve been able to advance the understanding of the mechanisms underlying why so many patients die suddenly and unexpectedly from epilepsy.”

    –Brian Dlouhy, MD

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