• Editor's Note

    Author: Gerald A. Grant, MD

    It gives me great pleasure to introduce to you the first cnsq issue since I took over as editor. This issue highlights a first-ever symposium at the recent CNS meeting in Boston, focusing on neuro-innovation, which we will refer to as Neurovation. The showcase of the diversity of talent and interdisciplinary collaboration between neurosurgery, engineering, and business was truly outstanding. Dr. Brian Hoh was the course director and moderator. I congratulate Dr. Hoh and the 30 presenters for a superb course.

    Due to the amount of excitement at the CNS meeting around innovation, we thought we would highlight several of the topics presented at the Neurovation symposium in this issue of cnsq to give our membership a glimpse of these game-changing technologies under development. We really appreciate all the contributors submitting their work for publication in cnsq and hope you enjoy it.

    We will also highlight trends in MRI-guided minimally invasive neurosurgery using either an intraoperative MRI suite or a diagnostic MRI scanner. MRI-guided laser ablation is a technique that is a great example of Neurovation that has already transformed our ability to target deep lesions in the brain with high precision.

    The role of the neurosurgeon in cancer pain is highlighted, as well as the new Cancer Pain Research Consortium, whose noble mission is to generate and promote interdisciplinary, patient-centered evidence-based care for cancer-related pain and suffering.

    I also want to specifically thank our former editor of Congress Quarterly, Dr. Jim Harrop. Dr. Harrop has served on the CNS Executive Committee over the last several years as chair of the Publications Committee and has worked tirelessly on cnsq as editor, volunteering his time and effort.

    We welcome your new ideas for shaping the cnsq of the future and look forward to hearing from you. See you in the spring issue, when we will travel through time to the
    year 2065.


    Winter 2015
    Volume 16, Number 1

    Gerald A. Grant, MD, FACS

    Michael Y. Wang, MD, FACS

    Aviva Abosch, MD
    Edward C. Benzel, MD
    Nicholas M. Boulis, MD
    L. Fernando Gonzalez, MD
    Catherine A. Mazzola, MD
    Todd C. Hankinson, MD, MBA
    Charles J. Prestigiacomo, MD
    Alfredo Quinones-Hinojosa, MD
    Brian T. Ragel, MD
    Jason M. Schwalb, MD
    Ashwini Dayal Sharan, MD
    Jamie S. Ullman, MD, FACS

    Christina V. Orda

    Antonia D. Callas
    Michele L. Lengerman
    Ruby M. Thomas

    CameronRush, Inc.

    Jason Pointe

    Lisa Bowling


    2014-2015 OFFICERS
    Nathan R. Selden, MD, PhD

    Russell R. Lonser, MD

    Zoher Ghogawala, MD, FACS

    Alan M. Scarrow, MD, JD

    Ganesh Rao, MD

    Daniel K. Resnick, MD


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