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    Author: James S. Harrop, MD, FACS

    Join us in Boston! This issue of the cnsq is dedicated to our Annual Meeting. A Preview of the 2014 CNS Annual Meeting is detailed by Elad I. Levy, Steven N. Kalkanis and Ashwini D. Sharan. The Annual Meeting provides an opportunity for members to become more involved with the CNS, and therefore, we have provided several committee reports. Michael Y. Wang discusses, reviews and highlights the Membership Committee, the Education Committee by Zoher Ghogawala, the Publications Committee by James S. Harrop and the Fellowship Committee by Aviva Abosch. The Annual Meeting also allows the opportunity to stay up-to-date on proceedings in Washington, D.C., and Katie O. Orrico and Catherine J. Hill review the Open Payments News: Registration and Data Submission in Process, Plus New and Updated Resources.

    The CNS is dedicated to education and there are numerous education initiatives present during the Annual Meeting. As the CNS leads neurosurgical simulation, Karl E. Balsara, George M. Ghobrial, Ashwini D. Sharan and James S. Harrop outline how the CNS is evolving its annual Simulation Course to a local residency centric learning modality in the article, Internet-Based Neurosurgical Simulation and Education: The Next Step. The article, Experience New Technologies in Action: Hands-On Learning in the Exhibit Hall by Michele L. Lengerman details experiences attendees will have in the Exhibit Hall at this year’s Annual Meeting. In the Featured Articles section, Andrew E. Wakefield explains how NERVES (the Neurosurgery Executive’s Resource Value and Education Society) can be used as an asset for neurosurgeons. George M. Ghobrial and James S. Harrop discuss Hirayama Disease (Monomelic Amyotrophy): An Underreported Lower Motor Neuron Disease in the North American Adolescent Spine Population. Sherry Taylor, Gregory H. Smith, Wayel Kaakaji, John McGregor, Krystal Tomei, Brad Zacharia, Jack Dunn and Charles Rosen detail the importance of teamwork and communication in Primum Non Nocere –Surgical Checklists. A review of the Annual Neurosurgery Charity Softball Tournament is provided by Ricardo J. Komotar.

    In his President’s Message, Daniel K. Resnick provides his thoughts on humanitarian aid with the article, Balancing on a Razor’s Edge — Humanitarian at What Cost? that ties in with our Perspectives Section, where Jean F. Soustiel and Samuel Tobias provide their experience as surgeons involved with military conflicts in Crossing Over: When Yesterday’s Enemy Becomes Today’s Patient. Chris J. Neal and Michael K. Rosner provide a response to that article entitled, Military Response to Crossing Over: When Yesterday’s Enemy Becomes Today’s Patient. Mark E. Linskey details State and Regional Advocacy Leads in Priority Among Numerous Advancing New CSNS Initiatives.

    I have been fortunate to be involved with the initiation of the Congress Quarterly through its transformation from the Neurosurgery News. CNS Past-President, Ali R. Rezai, was the first editor and developer of the cnsq. Jamie S. Ullman and I then served as Co-Editors, and finally, for the last several years, I have been the Editor. I wanted to thank all of the individuals who have helped me during this time, particularly the CNS Staff. In addition, I wish to congratulate Gerry Grant on his new role as Chairman of the CNS Publishing Committee and cnsq Editor.


    Fall 2014

    Volume 15, Number 4


    James S. Harrop, MD, FACS


    Michael Y. Wang, MD, FACS


    Aviva Abosch, MD

    Edward C. Benzel, MD

    Nicholas M. Boulis, MD

    L. Fernando Gonzalez, MD

    Catherine A. Mazzola, MD

    Charles J. Prestigiacomo, MD

    Alfredo Quinones-Hinojosa, MD

    Brian T. Ragel, MD

    Jason M. Schwalb, MD

    Ashwini Dayal Sharan, MD

    Jamie S. Ullman, MD, FACS


    Christina V. Orda

    Michele L. Lengerman


    Diana Colaci


    CameronRush, Inc.


    Jason Pointe


    Lisa Bowling



    2013-2014 OFFICERS


    Daniel K. Resnick, MD


    Nathan R. Selden, MD, PhD


    Ashwini Dayal Sharan, MD


    Alan M. Scarrow, MD, JD


    Russell R. Lonser, MD


    Ali R. Rezai, MD


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