• Editor's Note

    Author: James S. Harrop, MD, FACS

    Over the decades, there have been numerous changes at the Congress of Neurological Surgeons (CNS) – from the Annual Meeting to the development of internet education to enhance neurosurgery. Some changes are consistent such as annually we welcome a new President, this year Daniel K. Resnick, who provides his inaugural President’s Message.

    In order to better serve our membership, the cnsq has also changed and modified over the years for its readership. As you may recall, the current publication was a transformation from the prior Neurosurgery News. Therefore, in order to adapt and evolve this journal we sent a readership survey to the membership. The results are published in an article by April Booze and myself, We Asked, You Answered – The 2013 CNSQ Readership Survey. One request was for more debates and discussion and therefore we included a debate within this issue on the topic of BMP Point Counterpoint - Case for Pseudarthrosis with Joseph S. Cheng providing the pro discussion and Michael Y. Wang and Kai-Ming G. Fu the con opinion.

    CNS members further asked for more social and political columns. Matthew J. McGirt provides an article on mHealth: The Emerging Role of Mobile Technology in Healthcare Delivery Re-engineering while James I. Ausman discusses What You Need to Know About Socio-economic Political Changes that will Affect Your Practice.

    The CNS has been expanding its international educational efforts and Bernard R. Bendok, Samer G. Zammar, Vladimir Benes, et al review the first international simulation program in their article Educational Collaboration Across the Atlantic through Simulation.

    Srinivas Prasad provides insight into Robotics Applications in Spine Surgery and Allan Levi discusses his group’s recent SCI trial in Testing Schwann Cell Transplantation in Humans After Thoracic Spinal Cord Injury while Melvin L. Cheatham details his experiences in Physician Volunteerism. Edward C. Benzel, Manu Mathews and Judith Scheman discuss Chronic Pain: Understanding the Problem and Taking an Outcome Directed Approach.

    Our Featured Articles section provides a review of the presentation of Parsonage- Turner Syndrome: A Forgotten Diagnosis was provided by Christopher M. Maulucci, Mark E. Oppenlander and James S. Harrop as well as a discussion on a newer research strategy Optogenetics: A Wide Therapeutic Potential was provided by Mark E. Oppenlander, Mijail Serruya, and James S. Harrop. Ricardo J. Komotar reviews the Annual Neurosurgery Charity Softball Tournament.

    Inside the CNS provides updates from Alan M. Scarrow with the Secretary’s Report, Charles Y. Liu documents happenings of the International Division, Gerald A. Grant offers a brief review and update of Clinical Neurosurgery and Katie O. Orrico gives us a rundown of what is taking place in Washington with her article Working for You in Washington.

    As always, the CNS appreciates your thoughts and suggestions. Thanks and we will see you next year in Boston!

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