• Editor's Note

    Martina Stippler

    "Develop a passion for learning. If you do, you will never cease to grow." This quote by American author, Anthony J. D'Angelo is the mantra and advice we want to teach our children, instill in our residents and mentees, and choose to live by ourselves. Neurosurgeons, more than any other specialty, know what a lifelong commitment to excellence is, and it cannot be achieved or maintained without lifelong learning. This is also the mission of the Congress of Neurological Surgeons. The CNS exists to enhance health and improve lives through the advancement of neurosurgical education and scientific exchange. Hence, the topic of this issue - Education - has grown organically from principles our CNS volunteers and membership live every day: teach, learn, educate.

    In his president's message, Dr. Rao, the president of the CNS, talks about the challenges of too much information and how it affects medicine and resident training. It is my great pleasure to introduce you to the CNS Education Division and their work in this issue of the Q. They truly make the vision of the CNS - to be the premier educational organization in neurological surgery - come true. CNS has many online education offerings and the role of online education these days is discussed knowledgeably by Dr. Barkhoudarian. Dr. Axelsson, a neurosurgeon who also holds a degree in medical education, shares with us the future of medical education and how it will shape medical school and the medical students who will become our residents. Dr. Girgis discusses whether the concept of the flipped classroom can be applied to neurosurgery.

    One of my favorite articles in this issue is the one by Professor Rima Rudd and her postdoc Anna Miller from the Harvard T. H. Chan School of Public Health discussing how we can educate our patients and improve health literacy.

    You will find many more interesting articles in this issue on burnout in resident training, the future of CME and the recent changes the ABNS made to the MOC requirements.

    I want to conclude with a quote by author Tara Westover, whose book, Educated, was named one of the best 10 books of 2018 by The New York Times:

    "The decisions I made after that moment were not the ones she would have made. They were the choices of a changed person, a new self. You could call this selfhood many things. Transformation. Metamorphosis. Falsity. Betrayal. I call it an education."

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