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    Author: Martina Stippler

    It is a pleasure to introduce this issue. As you might be planning your summer activities, the CNS volunteers and staff have been tirelessly planning the Annual Meeting this October in Houston.

    Doctors Brian L. Hoh, Alex Khalessi, and Nader Pouratian were charged by President Ashwini Sharan to create a meeting around the idea of Mission: Neurosurgery. A mission is an important assignment carried out for a purpose. I remember one of my chief residents saying preparing for a surgery is like preparing for a mission to Mars and it stuck with me. So many things we do on a day-to-day basis-working up patients with complex conditions, leading a team through an operation, changing the field of neurosurgery with research-is our mission.

    One of the Core Missions of the CNS has been education, from medical students to established neurosurgeons. With this mission in mind, we focused on making the education at our Annual Meeting in Houston interactive, case based and relevant for all neurosurgeons at any stage of their career and in any practice setting.

    We have learned from your feedback that case-based discussions are an effective way to learn and improve practice. To take it one step further, we are offering 27 weekend practical courses in Houston. Please see page 8 for more information on what to expect. I also want to draw the attention of young neurosurgeons to the CNS Oral Board Exam Preparation Review Course, which is led by Drs. Costas Hadjipanayis and Robert Spinner and has been receiving outstanding reviews.

    The robust CNS guidelines infrastructure is driven by another mission - to promote evidence-based, value-driven, and standardized care. During this year's annual meeting we will have Guidelines Session each morning.

    Our president and scientific planning committee did an exceptional job in selecting an array of outstanding speakers, each with their own mission. From Hugh Herr, a double amputee named the "Leader of the Bionic Age" whose mission is to provide more sophisticated bionic limbs to those with physical disabilities, to Dr. Smith Johnston, the lead physician for the International Space Station.

    Once again, the CNS will present Live Surgery in the CNS Xperience Lounge, allowing attendees to learn by observing surgeons in real time on real patients. Mission Neurosurgery in action!

    We also invite our colleagues to join us just prior to the big event for the Tumor Section Satellite Symposium, delivering tremendous science and education with an emphasis on immunotherapy and big data automation.

    I came across a book with the title "Operative Surgery of the Brain". The special aspect of this book was that it was written in 1885. It was about 5 mm thick. How far we have come! It has been the Mission of all the neurosurgeons that came before us to learn, educate, investigate and innovate over the last 133 years, bringing us to where we stand today. We have to carry on this Mission of neurosurgery to learn, teach, and innovate. So please enjoy this issue of CNS Q and join the Mission of Neurosurgery in Houston 2018.

    CNSQ Summer 2018 Volume 19, Number 3

    Martina Stippler, MD
    Ron L. Alterman, MD
    Erica F. Bisson, MD
    Nicholas M. Boulis, MD
    Rimal Dossani, MD
    Emad N. Eskandar, MD
    Gerald A. Grant, MD
    Sanjeet S. Grewel, MD
    Kunal Gupta, MD
    James S. Harrop, MD
    Todd Charles Hollon, MD
    Jeremy Hosein, MD
    Michael T. Lawton, MD
    John Pollina, MD
    Farhan Mirza, MD
    Stephen Reintjes, MD
    Andrew J. Ringer, MD
    Tyler Schmidt, MD
    Edward R. Smith, MD
    Rafael A. Vega, MD
    Michele Hilgart
    CameronRush, Inc.

     Ashwini D. Sharan, MD
    VICE-PRESIDENT: James S. Harrop, MD
    SECRETARY: Steven N. Kalkanis, MD
    TREASURER: Praveen V. Mummaneni, MD
    PAST-PRESIDENT: Alan M. Scarrow, MD, JD
    CEO: Regina Shupak

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