• Images In Neurosurgery

    Lateral Meningocele Syndrome
    Lateral Meningocele syndrome (LMS) is a rare hereditary connective tissue disorder characterized by pan-spinal meningoceles secondary to dural ectasia. An affected mother and daughter presented to our clinic with low back pain which was managed conservatively. LMS has autosomal dominant inheritance.

    Axial (a), Coronal (b) and Sagittal (c) T2 MRI of the thoracolumbar spine showing CSF-filled intraspinal and paraspinal cyst-like expansions (meningoceles).

    Plain lateral radiograph (d) showing large neuroforamina, thinned out pedicles and congenital fusion of T10-L4 vertebral bodies.

    Axial non-contrast CT (e) showing thin stretched out pedicles in the lumbar spine.

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