• The Industry Allies Council: CNS and Corporate Leaders Unite to Move our Specialty Forward

    Authors: Michele L. Hilgart
    Sydney Manola

    The CNS Industry Allies Council (IAC) exists to advise the CNS Executive Committee on issues impacting companies that provide products and services to a neurosurgical audience, to address key trends shaping the future of neurosurgical technology, and to help the CNS develop mutually beneficial partnerships that leverage both CNS and our industry partner’s core competencies for the benefit of our specialty and our patients.

    The CNS IAC is made up of twelve neurosurgical device and pharmaceutical companies who together represent the top CNS commercial supporters of both CME and non-CME educational programs and events. In FY15, the member companies of the IAC provided valuable financial and in-kind resources that enabled the CNS to expand the depth and breadth of our educational offerings.

    “Through financial grants, sponsorships and in-kind donations, our IAC partners provide essential support for our world-class educational activities,” said CNS CEO, Regina Shupak. “The IAC also provides valuable insight on issues facing our specialty, new developments in the field and emerging trends that are changing neurosurgical practice. With their support, the CNS continues to be an innovative leader in neurosurgery.”

    The CNS IAC met during the 2014 CNS Annual Meeting held in Boston and again in Washington, DC, in May, 2015, to address some of the challenges associated with the Open Payments Act reporting, as well as to help CNS develop new approaches for educating CNS members on the latest technological breakthroughs in neurosurgery.

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