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    The CNS is the leader in neurosurgical education and innovation, dedicated to advancing neurosurgery by facilitating scientific discovery and its translation into clinical practice. In 2017, the CNS continued to report member growth across all major categories. With a total membership of 9,397 members, including 6,249 Active (domestic) members and an Active International membership of 1,386, the CNS has grown its domestic membership year-over-year for eight consecutive years.

    In 2017, International member categories were redesigned to reflect a renewed focus on engagement. At the CNS Annual Meeting in Boston, Massachusetts, the CNS approved new bylaws that restructured international membership to a two-tier dues structure based on World Bank economy classifications, and realigned membership dues rates commensurate with the value of the benefits. With this new policy in place, more neurosurgeons from more countries will have more affordable access to all the CNS has to offer.

    CNS membership dues continue to be the lowest of any major neurosurgical organization and CNS members receive a host of benefits including complimentary and discounted access to CNS' premier offerings:

    • Online and print access to NEUROSURGERY® Publications: Neurosurgery, Operative Neurosurgery, Clinical Neurosurgery, plus the Surgeon's Armamentarium
    • Congress Quarterly magazine
    • Self-assessment exams (SANS)
    • Online courses and webinars, offered live and on-demand
    • Nexus, CNS' online case-based repository of neurosurgical operative techniques and approaches
    • CNS Annual Meeting
    • 10 live courses across the subspecialties
    • Comprehensive Written and Oral Board preparation resources •  Leadership education, courses, and networking opportunities
    • Neurosurgical Practice Guidelines- accessible on cns.org and via the new Guidelines app
    • Advocacy and representation in Washington, DC, via the Washington Committee

    Francis X. Rockett

    "I come to the meetings for the learning, companionship, observation, and to catch up on some of the new things that are going on-I like to make sure that the little gray cells have some work to do!"

    - Francis X. Rockett, MD
    Brookline, Massachusetts, CNS member since 1966

    Dr. Rockett, a CNS Senior member, was born in 1931. He enjoys coming to as many CNS Annual Meetings as he is able. He attended the 2017 meeting in Boston for the full five days. Dr. Rockett continues to practice at Newton-Wellesley Hospital and serves as a consultant in neurosurgery with Harvard University's Health Services and Department of Athletics and with Boston College's Department of Sports Medicine. In 2014, he was honored by the Massachusetts Medical Society with its Lifetime Achievement Award.

    Davide M. Croci, MD

    "I went on the CNS website and found out that they offer some interesting things for residents and then I was impressed with the online education-the webinars, courses and everything else. I decided to join!"

    -Davide M. Croci, MD
    Allschwil, Switzerland, CNS member since 2017

    Dr. Croci became an International Vista member just weeks before the 2017 CNS Annual Meeting. He originally submitted an abstract to the meeting, which was accepted for a poster presentation. At the same time, he wanted to join a neurosurgery association and was impressed with the online educational offerings at the CNS. Dr. Croci decided to fly to Boston to attend the meeting. He is a resident at the University Hospital Basel, Switzerland.

    The CNS cultivates a dynamic and inclusive community of neurosurgical leaders by offering the highest-quality resources that prepare them to meet neurosurgical challenges. Informative world-class educational programs use trusted, credible resources, and inclusive programs and events foster collaboration and growth.

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