• Membership Committee Report: Working on Your Behalf to Deliver the Services You Value

    Author: Michael Y. Wang, MD, FACS

    The CNS has a rich legacy of leadership in providing innovative education and promoting scientific exchange among neurosurgeons worldwide, and the CNS Membership Committee is committed to understanding the needs of today’s neurosurgeon in order to ensure that the CNS delivers the tools and resources members need to be leaders and innovators in the field. Through its efforts, the CNS has successfully grown membership an average of 5.7% annually for the past five years.

    Today, total CNS membership stands at 8,927, which includes over 1,400 international members from 101 countries. Much of this success comes from an extremely high retention rate of members who continue to see tremendous value in resources like Neurosurgery®, SANS Lifelong Learning, CNS Webinars, CNS SIM, and our growing catalog of courses and live events. We are confident that this trend will progress as we expand our resources and member services, and as we continue to listen to our members. 

    For that purpose, the CNS has established an Advisory Panel of members to help guide our decision making and inform decisions about new products and services. This panel, made up of domestic and international members from all stages of their careers, weighs in on a variety of topics via web surveys, telephone interviews and focus groups to help us constantly monitor surgeons’ professional needs.

    The membership committee is currently working on a number of projects — driven in part by feedback from this advisory panel — to continue to increase membership value and improve members’ experiences. Among these projects is a review of our career center resources, a thorough analysis of all member services and benefits, and a new program aimed at better introducing new members to the many tools and resources available to them through their membership. We are confident that these efforts will mean that our members will find even more value in their CNS membership in the future, but we are always open to new ideas and suggestions. Participation in the CNS Advisory Panel is open to all CNS members, so please contact us at info@1cns.org if you are interested in joining this forum.

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