• Neurosurgeons Speak Up

    We asked our members, "What is the one thing you wish you would have known in your first year out of Residency?"


    "In the first year, everything is new and every duty day will yield different experience, having said that; there isn't single-way to approach and treat patients, also, be patient in regards to (OR) training time! The more you know the more you see."
    Seraj Ajaj, a neurosurgery resident at Ali Omar Askar-Neuro Hospital Tripoli, Libya


    "The basics of business including coding, reimbursement, and tricks to optimize clinical schedules. The sooner I could learn these fundamental skills the better!"
    - Erika Petersen MD, University of Arkansas for Medical Sciences


    "Neurosurgery is self-selecting."
    - Matthew Stephenson, UCSF Skull Bas, and Cerebrovascular Laboratory

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