• NEUROSURGERY® Publications

    2016 has been a banner year for NEUROSURGERY® Publications.

    The CNS family of publications experienced many milestone accomplishments due to the dedication of CNS leadership, the editorial staff, and editorial board members who worked together to make the specialty better.

    • Brandon J. Fiedor joined NEUROSURGERY® Publications as managing editor. Prior to joining the CNS, Brandon served as the assistant managing editor for the Journal of Vascular Surgery.
    • The editorial office staff was restructured to facilitate growth, ensuring that it will best serve the neurosurgical community in the years to come.

    Neurosurgery received its highest Impact Factor (IF) to date in June 2016: 3.78! This marks the second consecutive year the journal has attained a record high. Other accomplishments include:

    • More than a 12 percent increase in journal submissions from 2014.
    • Publication of two Joint Guidelines Committee endorsed and CNS sponsored guidelines: Nonfunctioning Pituitary Adenomas (October 2016), and Positional Plagiocephaly (November 2016).
    • Publication of the supplement Laser Interstitial Thermal Therapy in Neurosurgery.


    Operative Neurosurgery (ONS) continues to progress as a fully independent title with a unique scope and presence. Since being granted a separate ISSN in March 2014, ONS has:

    • Been accepted for indexing in Thomson Reuter’s Web of ScienceTM, and has appliedfor an initial Impact Factor (IF).
    • Petitioned the US National Library of Medicine® (NLM) for indexing in MEDLINE®/ PubMed.
    • Launched a separate peer review and submission site exclusively for Operative Neurosurgery content.
    • Welcomed a fully independent editorial review board representing some of the leading researchers and clinicians in the neurosurgical subspecialties.
    • Expanded to bimonthly publication.


    The realization of The Surgeon’s Armamentarium (TSA) has come full circle, with the editorial review board playing a central role in the preparation and continued maintenance of this digital content delivery search utility. The second beta version was unveiled to attendees at the TSA booth during the 2016 CNS Annual Meeting in San Diego, and was a smashing success. Over the course of themeeting, journal staff interacted with a number of attendees who walked away thrilled with the product. The TSA formally launches in February. Access is free for all CNS members and non-member journal subscribers.


    The Congress Quarterly magazine continues to be a highlight publication of the CNS. Under the leadership of Editor Gerald A. Grant, MD, the cnsq expanded its focus in 2016 to areas “outside the box” and highlighted the importance of taking time to be expressive, creative, and to think. Telling Stories: The Literary Neurosurgeon and The Intersection of Art + Neurosurgery brought scores of comments and compliments across social media. The end of 2016 saw Dr. Grant stepping down from his tenure and Dr. Elad I. Levy taking over the editorial reins.


    Clinical Neurosurgery continues to be developed under the guidance of Editor-in- Chief Dr. Krystal L Tomei. The 65th Annual Meeting of the Congress of Neurological Surgeons was held in New Orleans, Louisiana, from September 26 to 30, 2015. Volume 63 of Clinical Neurosurgery, published in August 2016, represents the official compilation of the invited scientific manuscripts from the plenary sessions, an interview with the CNS President Dr. Nathan R. Selden, and biographic and bibliographic information of the Honored Guest, Dr. Kim J. Burchiel.

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