• Neurovation

    Author: Brian L. Hoh, MD, MBA

    What do Wi-Fi, robots, spider silk, zebrafish, stem cells, and nanoparticles have in common? They are all part of novel innovations in neurosurgery: Neurovation.

    Neuromedicine is among the most rapidly growing areas in surgery and medicine. The Neurovation symposium that took place on October 19 at the 2014 CNS Annual Meeting in Boston was an exciting full-day symposium that offered a peek into the future of this dynamic industry.

    Symposium participants got a glimpse of the game-changing technologies in devices, imaging, biomaterials, molecular diagnostics, and regenerative medicine of the future. The symposium included, among other exciting innovative technologies, wireless optical-based brain monitoring, EcoG arrays made of spider silk, robots that perform ultraprecise craniotomies, zebrafish as high-throughput models for neurotechnology, stem cells, nanoparticles and nanotechnology, computer software to detect cerebral aneurysms, and the future of neuroimaging.

    Insights into current issues and future changes in venture capital and investing in the medical device industry were offered by Bob Hopkins, Managing Director of Equity Research at Bank of America Merrill Lynch.

    This year’s symposium was a follow-up to a successful Innovation and Technology symposium in San Francisco at the 2013 CNS Annual Meeting and proved to be even more exciting, generating a lively, spirited discussion and debate in the standing-room-only hall. Participants were clearly intrigued about the off-the-grid technologies discussed and came away with even more ideas for future innovations.

    CNS is proud to host these Neurovation symposia, one-of-a-kind forums for neurosurgeons, engineers, researchers, entrepreneurs, CEOs, investors, venture capitalists—anyone who is interested in the cutting-edge technology of the future. The format is typically an open dialogue with leaders in the fields of neurosurgery, engineering, and business regarding devices and technology that have not been seen yet, but will likely change the way neurosurgery is practiced in the future.

    We look forward to seeing what future Neurovation symposia will bring at the 2015 CNS Annual Meeting and beyond.

    See you in New Orleans!

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