• President's Message

    Author: Ashwini D. Sharan

    Dear Colleagues,

    I am excited and proud to share this preview of the outstanding 2018 CNS Annual Meeting program that awaits you in Houston this October. I am especially proud of the 2018 Annual Meeting Committee, led by Annual Meeting Chair, Brian Hoh, Scientific Program Chair, Alex Khalessi and Vice-SPC, Nader Pouratian. This team has worked tirelessly, along with hundreds of volunteer committee members and faculty, to pack this five-day program with relevant, high-quality programming geared toward your needs.

    Each year after the meeting, we pore over attendee evaluations to better understand why you attend the meeting and identify ways to make your experience even better. You have made it clear that what makes the meeting most impactful is content that is clinically relevant to your practice and opportunities to connect with your colleagues and experts in each subspecialty. As you read this issue, I'm confident you'll see that each aspect of the meeting has been carefully planned with those goals in mind.

    As the President, I have the great honor and responsibility of selecting both the Annual Meeting theme and the 2018 Honored Guest. Mission: Neurosurgery was inspired not only by Houston's esteemed space program but also by the parallels between that industry and our own. President John F. Kennedy once said, "We choose to go to the moon, not because it's easy, but because it is hard." Neurosurgery, like manned space travel, was utterly unattainable for the great vast majority of human history. Our predecessors didn't begin to explore the brain because it was easy. Mission: Neurosurgery reminds us that we would not be where we are without insightful scientific study, the determination of the medical community, and dedicated teams around us.

    Our Honored Guest, Dr. Robert Rosenwasser is the Jewell L. Osterholm, MD, Professor and Chair of the Department of Neurological Surgery at Thomas Jefferson University, and President of the Vickie and Jack Farber Institute for Neuroscience. He is also a great mentor and friend and I am grateful for his contributions to this meeting. Dr. Rosenwasser is recognized as one of the world leaders and pioneers as both a cerebrovascular neurosurgeon and endovascular neurosurgeon. He is a prolific researcher, having published over 450 peer-reviewed publications, abstracts and book chapters and has co-edited four textbooks on cerebral ischemia, Cerebral AVM's, and Interventional Neuroradiology/Endovascular Neurosurgery. I am confident that you find Dr. Rosenwasser's insights-both clinical and non-clinical-to be extremely valuable.

    I am also excited to welcome our International Partner Society, the Brazilian Society of Neurosurgery, to Houston. President, Ron Farias, and his delegation of more than 20 expert faculty have contributed tremendously to this Annual Meeting program and have collaborated with CNS on other complimentary educational offerings this year.

    The Annual Meeting Committee has put together a tremendous program around this theme, with an incredible lineup of innovative and engaging keynote speakers like NASA Medical Director Smith L. Johnston III, water-sport pioneer Laird Hamilton, and John Herr, the revolutionary engineer and biophysicist who is changing the field of bionics. Our general sessions, daily breakouts, and ticketed courses have been updated and improved to emphasize innovation and the impact of medical technology on our field.

    Starting with our weekend offerings, you'll find 27 Practical Courses on clinical topics critical to your practice. Each course has been carefully vetted and, in some cases, revised by subspecialty experts from the joint sections to ensure that the content is relevant to today's neurosurgical practice and of the highest quality. We've supplemented this rich catalog with two full-day symposia that combine powerful didactic content led by experts with hands-on breakout sessions that let you experience the technologies that are driving practice in the field. The new Robotics Symposium on Sunday partners neurosurgeons with engineers to foster collaboration that will move our specialty forward.

    We continue this approach into our weekday breakouts, starting with the morning Guidelines Sessions, which present the latest evidence-based practice guidelines in spinal trauma, cerebrovascular disease, and skull base tumors. Our afternoon breakouts give you an opportunity to drive the content by submitting your own cases in advance of the meeting for discussion in one of 14 subspecialty topics. If selected, your case will be presented and discussed with a panel of subspecialty experts as well as your colleagues. Even our evening dinner seminars have been retooled to focus on critical clinical topics in spine, functional and cerebrovascular neurosurgery, as well as a non-clinical offering on coding, MIPS, and bundling.

    We also realize that groundbreaking science and educational sessions are only one of the reasons you come to the CNS Annual Meeting, and we've worked hard to expand and improve the networking opportunities in Houston as well. From our Saturday International Reception and the Sunday Opening Reception to the expanded CNS Xperience Lounge, the CNS offers you more ways to connect with your colleagues and make new connections. Be sure to visit the Xperience Lounge during the meet and greet sessions with Dr. Rosenwasser, our CEO panel, and other keynote speakers, and make time to grab a drink with your colleagues in the networking lounge.

    All these sessions and more are detailed in the pages of this issue. I hope you will take time to read them, plan out your schedule for Houston, and let us know if there are other topics you'd like to see us address. I look forward to welcoming you to Houston!


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