• Redefining Second Opinions: An mCase Key Opinion Leader Forum

    Author: Mark E. Opplander, MD

    Neurosurgeons value second opinions. The complexity of neurological disease processes and the broad scope of potential treatment paradigms often motivate the neurosurgeon to seek a second opinion. Most neurosurgeons have recognized the power of the second opinion and allow time in their week for case discussion with peers; whether it be a weekly tumor board for neurosurgical oncologists, a weekly multidisciplinary spine meeting, or daily rounds with peers and trainees, we are constantly seeking opinions for how to treat complex patients.

    Enter eRounds and the CNS mCase Exchange. eRounds is a community-based mobile platform for exchanging anonymous medical images organized by cases. CNS mCase Exchange is a private, exclusive eRounds community for CNS members to share cases. With mCase, neurosurgeons can post their difficult cases to a social media-like platform and elicit opinions from any member within the CNS community anonymously (Figure 1).

    Figure 1: The CNS mCase Exchange can
    be accessed from most internet browsers,
    or through the eRounds iOS app from the
    App Store on your mobile device.

    In addition, mCase allows us to ask the opinion of thought leaders in our subspecialty from around the country or world. The mCase Exchange has designated such “key opinion leaders” within each subspecialty of neurosurgery, making your second opinion that much more powerful.

    At this year’s CNS meeting in San Diego, a presentation to highlight the advantages of the mCase Exchange will take place on Wednesday, September 28, at 10:45 am during the General Scientific Session. This panel forum is aimed to showcase complex spine cases using the mCase Exchange application. All CNS members are encouraged to post cases to the mCase application leading up to the Annual Meeting (Figure 2). Cases will be selected in advance and presented to an expert panel of Key Opinion Leaders, who will provide their opinion on how to best treat your patient. Among the expert panel members are Drs. Praveen Mummaneni, Paul Park, and Nicholas Theodore. This is an opportunity for CNS members to have their cases highlighted and discussed on the national stage, so we encourage all CNS members to participate by posting their cases to mCase!

    Figure 2: The process of posting cases
    to the mCase Exchange, receiving second
    opinions, and providing a second opinion
    is easy.

    By sharing complex cases to a secure but accessible, broad, and easy-to-use format, we have potential to obtain opinions in an instant from our colleagues across the country. This could truly redefine the second opinion and be a huge benefit to anyone’s practice.

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