• Routine CT Angiography in Acute Stroke Does Not Delay Thrombolytic Therapy

    With the emphasis on reducing time from ‘last known normal’ to recanalization, acute stroke therapy requires rapid, accurate diagnosis for treatment decision-making. The authors reviewed 850 stroke thrombolysis patients in a single institution, separated into two groups: the earlier protocol patients received only a non-contrast CT, while the later group underwent initial non-contrast CT with CTA. There were no differences in median door-to-needle times or median onset-to-needle times. The authors concluded that adding CTA to their acute stroke imaging protocol did not significantly change their interval to thrombolysis. While a brief and focused study, this report is important to practitioners in stroke intervention. Adding workup studies prior to administration of therapy (IV-tPA or intra-arterial thrombolysis) incurs potential risks of delaying treatment. The authors demonstrate that this is not to the case for CTA, which adds value in selecting appropriate patients for intra-arterial endovascular treatment.


    Canadian Journal of Neurological Sciences

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