• SNS/CNS Boot Camp Series Expands with a PGY4-5 Resident Course

    Author: Richard Byrne, MD

    Since the inaugural PGY1 SNS/CNS Boot Camp course in 2010, nearly all ACGME neurosurgery residents currently in training in the US have benefitted by learning the basics of neurosurgical care from senior faculty. This series of boot camp courses, focused on the critical issues of professionalism, communication, and common neurosurgical skills, parallel the ACGME Milestones and have been a useful tool of residency programs as they commit to a milestones-oriented curriculum. The courses have been extremely effective and have earned high praise in resident and faculty surveys. They have also attracted national and international attention and are being duplicated by other specialty societies in the US and abroad.

    The initial vision for the boot camps was to create a series of courses for US neurosurgery residents that would be completed in succession through residency. The next step in realizing this vision was taken in 2013 when the SNS expanded the course to include a junior resident course. This course was designed as an introduction to the operating room and leadership training. The junior resident boot camp course has also been a great success, with over 90 percent of all US ACGME neurosurgery residents attending in each of the last four years.

    PGY1 boot camp in Portland, Oregon, 2015

    This year, the SNS and CNS have come together again to roll out the next course in this series, which targets PGY4 and PGY5 residents and their educational needs. Since intermediate residents are entering the senior level of residency and are assuming higher levels of responsibility in the operating room, the new course focuses on specific common operative approaches and higher-level surgical management decisions. Common surgical approaches to glioma, parasellar pathology, trigeminal neuralgia, peripheral nerve disorders, pediatric neurosurgical conditions, and spine surgery are reviewed. In addition to presenting common surgical approaches, the PGY4-5 course also assists residents and their residency programs as they both attempt to reach the ACGME mandated milestones appropriate to the senior resident level. Topics such as mentoring, operating room crisis management, and managing surgery with complicating factors are also addressed.

    The PGY4-5 one-day course will be held Sunday, September 25, in San Diego, California, in conjunction with the 2016 CNS Annual Meeting. This will allow residents to conveniently extend their stay and attend the educational meeting as well.

    Junior resident boot camp in St. Louis, Missouri, 2016

    We’re confident that the PGY4-5 Boot Camp will continue to provide the same stellar training the resident courses have thus far produced, and give resident and residency programs assurance that key educational points in neurosurgery residency have been covered. The SNS/CNS Boot Camp course series exemplifies neurosurgery’s ongoing commitment to the role of mentorship and training. For more information, or to register, please visit the CNS website at cns.org.

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