• Two Academy members elected to the NASEM

    • Mar 08, 2019

    This past year, two AAcNS members were elected to the distinguished National Acade- my of Science, Engineering and Medicine, formerly the Institute of Medicine. They join several other AAcNS members who have held this honor.

    Robert M. Friedlander, M.D., M.A., Chair, UMPC.
    For demonstrating the role of caspases in cell- death pathways in neuro- logic diseases, and for groundbreaking discoveries that have led to the development of novel therapies to improve outcomes for patients suffering from stroke, brain and spinal cord injury, Huntington’s disease, and ALS.

    Linda M. Liau, M.D., Ph.D, M.B.A., Chair, UCLA
    For achievements in understanding the immunology of malignant brain tumors and designing clinical trials of dendritic cell-based vaccines for glioblastoma.

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