• We Asked, You Answered - The 2013 CNSQ Readership Survey

    Authors: James S. Harrop
    April L. Booze

    The Congress of Neurological Surgeons (CNS) is committed to the promotion of global education. One medium used to further that commitment is our world-class publications including Neurosurgery, Clinical Neurosurgery and the publication you are currently reading – the Congress Quarterly (cnsq). Formerly, known as Neurosurgery News, this bi-monthly publication features the latest content about the organization and industry news. In 2006, the cnsq was updated into its current newsmagazine format, published quarterly and providing members with the content central to the core being of a neurosurgeon.

    Technology has continued to evolve and improve the way people receive their information. The goal of the CNS and cnsq staff is to maximize our reader’s time and access to information so that you can stay abreast in the rapidly advancing field of neurosurgery. Therefore, in order to improve the quality of our publications, as a valuable member benefit and as a platform to relay the information, a readership survey was performed. This was conducted in August 2013 and provided a unique forum for membership to provide input on 1) what you want to see in this publication and 2) how you want to receive this publication and engage with us.

    Figure 1 shows a word cloud of the various responses you would like to see covered in the future. This winter issue is dedicated to some of the topics you suggested – including education, physician volunteerism, the emerging role of mobile technology and the changing political landscape and how that affects you.

    Secondly, this survey found that a majority of respondents would like to access cnsq on a smartphone, iPad® or similar mobile device. This is in line with the impact that “digital” has had on other newspapers and magazines. In- creased ownership of smartphones (now 56% among American adults) and tablet computers (34%)1 has been an important factor in how subscribers access content and interact with publications.

    While we understand that our readers still enjoy the printed publication, we realize the need to provide additional means for you to access and engage with the content. Over one- third (35%) of the respondents would prefer to only receive a digital copy. We would like to re- mind the readership that all cnsq articles are available at the CNS website under the publication link (www.cns.org/publications/cnsq). However, we will continue to print and mail the issues for those who still wish to receive a printed copy. In the words of one respondent, “I like the print, but recognize that times are changing.”

    In the upcoming months, we will begin to look at ways to modify this publication as well as look at options to provide a digital version that is accessible on an iPad® or smartphone. A digital cnsq offers you more convenience and flexibility in addition to being more timely as it will be immediately delivered to your inbox as soon as it is published. You will be able to read current and back issues anytime, anywhere on your smartphone, tablet or computer making it more convenient than ever to stay updated on all CNS articles, happenings and events.

    A new and exciting Congress Quarterly is on the horizon. We thank you for your participation in the readership survey and welcome any additional comments and ideas you might have. This publication is for you, our members, and we need your input in order to keep it relevant and engaging.

    We sincerely appreciate those who took time out of your busy schedules to help us with this effort. We encourage you to submit any additional feedback to alb@1cns.org.

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