• Windows into Other Worlds: The Photography of Shelly Timmons

    Author: Shelly Timmons, MD

    Whether bringing the light in a person’s eyes to life with a pencil, or distilling the visually complex to simple lines that speak volumes, the act of putting pencil or brush to paper to me is allengrossing and peaceful. Photography appeals to me in a different sense. I enjoy framing perspectives of ordinary objects that often go overlooked, especially patterns in architecture and nature, as in the branches of a tree, fallen in the woods. I love the stories told by the intersection of nature with the manmade and the impenetrable—where something has happened; a cow has scratched her side on a barbed wire fence, a castle has fallen and the fortifications have been overgrown. I particularly love to depict the work of human hands, where human hands are unseen, as in the salt-worn lashings on the inside of a leather boat that sailed across the north Atlantic Ocean. These images to me provide windows into other worlds and times, and spark my imagination about those who went before.

    Boat Lashings, 2016, Ireland

    Fallen Tree, 2016, Ireland

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