• Position 2021-22 2020-21
    Chair Domagoj Coric Michael Steinmetz
    Chair Elect Adam Kanter Domagoj Coric
    Immediate Past Chair Michael Steinmetz Zoher Ghogawala
    Secretary Luis Tumialan Dan Hoh
    Treasurer Juan Uribe Eric Potts
    Members at Large R. Whitmore
    D. Sciubba
    D. Chou
    L. Holly
    J. Harrop
    S. Kurpad
    Ex-Officio Members E. Potts
    P. Park
    S. Dhall
    A. Kanter
    D. Coric
    S. Meyer
    Annual Meeting Chair E. Bisson L. Tumialan
    Scientific Program Chair S. Meyer E. Bisson
    Exhibit Chair J. O'Toole J. Uribe
    Future Sites C. Wofla C. Wofla
    Education Committee Chair C. Sansur D. Chou
    C. Sansur
    Media K. Than
    J. Shin
    K. Than
    J. Shin
    Membership A. Yew  A. Yew
    Rules and Regulations Chair J. Chi R. Whitmore
    CPT C. Holland C. Upadhyaya
    Strategic Planning Z. Ghogawala J. Hurlbert
    MOC   S. Kurpad
    Nominating Committee Chair M. Steinmetz Z. Ghogawala
    Research & Awards Committee Chair W. Z. Ray
    K. Jones
    W. Z. Ray
    K. Jones
    Publications Committee Chair W. B. Jacobs P. Park
    Guidelines Committee Chair J. Mullen
    D. Hoh
    S. Dhall
    D. Hoh
    Payor Response Committee K. Eichholz
    Y. Lu
    K. Eichholz
    Y. Lu
    Peripheral Nerve Task Force Chair L. Jacques L. Jacques
    M. Mahan
    Washington Committee M. Bydon M. Bydon
    ASTM & FDA Drugs and Devices B. Branch K. Hamilton
    Fellowships P. Mummaneni P. Mummaneni
    NeuroPoint Alliance K. Fu K. Fu
    NREF Advisory Board R. Heary M. Groff
    AANS Board Liaison J. Knightly J. Morcos

    Young Neurosurgeons Representative

    A. Veeravagu

    O. Adogwa
    B. Pennicooke

    Inter-Society Liaison

    S. Qureshi

    G. Mundis
    CSNS Liaison A. Ryu O. Adogwa
    International Liaison A. Falavigna  A. Falavigna
    C. Hofstetter
    WINS Liaison L. Snyder  L. Snyder


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