Committees for the Joint Section will consist of standing and ad hoc committees. On-going Chairperson responsibilities are contingent upon active participation at meetings and accomplishment of committee tasks. At a minimum, committee chairpersons are required to be present at the Executive Committee meetings held at the AANS/CNS Joint Section annual meeting and at the CNS annual meeting, with no more than one absence in any two-year period. Attendance is to be recorded by the Secretary. Failure to perform these duties may warrant review and dismissal by majority vote of the Executive Committee voting members.

    Standing Committees

    Section 5.01 Education Committee

    The Education Committee shall consist of a chairperson appointed for a three year term. The Education Committee shall serve to coordinate and assist the American Association of Neurological Surgeons and the Congress of Neurological Surgeons in selecting scientific papers and developing programs. The Education Committee shall also be responsible for strategies to ensure that continuing medical education (CME) requirements are met for Joint Section educational programs that offer CME credit. Additional subcommittees may be formed, at the discretion of the Education Committee chairperson in conjunction with the Executive Committee, as necessary to coordinate, and/or develop scientific and educational programs/strategies for the Spine Section or other organizations.

    Section 5.02 Nominating Committee

    The Nominating Committee shall consist of five members: the Chairperson of the Section, the Chairperson-elect of the Section, the immediate past Chairperson of the Section and the previous past two Chairpersons of the Section. The Immediate Past-Chairperson will chair the Nominating Committee. The most senior past Chairperson rotates off the committee each year as the Chairperson-elect joins the committee. This committee shall present candidates for the officer positions within the Joint Section to the Executive Committee at the time of the CNS Annual Meeting. Following Executive Committee approval, the slate of candidates will be presented to the membership in the Joint Section Newsletter.

    Additional nominations can be made by any active member of the Section and seconded by another active member. Such nominations must be received in writing by either the Section Chairperson or Secretary not less than 30 days before the Joint Section Annual Business Meeting. Voting on all officer candidates will be conducted at the Annual Business Meeting.

    The Nominating Committee will also be responsible for providing nominations to the Section Chairperson for other Executive Committee positions. The Chairperson of the Section will have final say over these positions, except as they pertain to Executive Committee Officers outlined in the preceding paragraph.

    Section 5.03 Annual Meeting Committee

    The Annual Meeting Committee shall consist of three members: the Annual Meeting Chairperson, the Scientific Program Chairperson, and an additional member appointed each year by the Executive Committee. For each subsequent year, the appointed additional member assumes the role of the Scientific Program Chairperson, the Scientific Program Chairperson assumes the role of the Annual Meeting Chairperson, and the Annual Meeting Chairperson rotates off the committee. The Exhibits Committee Chairperson shall not be a member of the Annual Meeting Committee.

    Section 5.04 Media Committee

    The Media Committee shall consist of two members, with one member appointed every four years. Their appointment shall last four years, with terms staggered by 2 years. One of the two members of the Media Committee shall be appointed by the Section Chair to be the Newsletter Editor. The Media Committee shall be responsible for the section website, newsletter, and other media opportunities requiring regular contributions. Additional subcommittees may be formed as necessary to coordinate and/or develop media strategies.


    Section 5.05 Research and Awards Committee

    The Research and Awards Committee shall consist of up to seven (7) members, each serving a three-year term. At least two members of the Research and Awards Committee should have subspecialty expertise in peripheral nerve. Member terms shall be staggered by three years. The Executive Committee shall appoint up to 2 new members each year. The Committee Chairperson is appointed by the Section Chair for a three-year term and may be reappointed for one additional three-year term. The Committee shall be responsible for soliciting applications for and selecting finalists and awardees for the Research Awards, Fellowship Awards, the International Fellowship Awards, and the Mayfield Award(s). The nomination and selection of candidates for the Meritorious Service Medal will not be the responsibility of this Committee, but will be the responsibility of the Past-Chairperson, the current Chairperson, and the Chairperson-Elect of the Joint Section.

    Section 5.06 Rules and Regulations Committee

    The Rules and Regulations Committee shall consist of up to three (3) members, with up to one member appointed by the Joint Section Executive Committee each year. Their appointment shall last three years with the senior member acting as Chairperson. This Committee shall review the Joint Section's Rules and Regulations and make written recommendations to the Executive Committee. Changes in the Rules and Regulations approved by the Executive Committee must be ratified by the AANS Board of Directors and the CNS Executive Committee. Approved changes or amendments must be presented and explained to the membership in the Joint Section Newsletter. Rules and Regulations thus presented will be voted upon by the membership at the next Joint Section Annual Meeting. A two-thirds majority is required for ratification.

    Section 5.07 Payor Response Committee

    Officially formed on March 9, 2011, the mission of the Payor and Policy Response Committee is to promote access to beneficial surgical care for patients with spinal disorders affected by payors and health care policies, through evidence based research, education, and proven outcomes. The Payor and Policy Response Committee has a vision to provide our patients with access to the highest quality surgical spine care. The Committee comprises of a Director, Associate Director, and four Quadrant Directors (Northeast, Southeast, Northwest, Southwest) along with committee members selected by the Director. Additional committee members or subcommittees may be added or removed as necessary to coordinate and craft payor and policy responses. The Committee Director and Associated Director must have been evidence based medicine (EBM) trained along with having completed a AANS coding and reimbursement course, and is appointed by the Section Chair for a three-year term and may be reappointed for additional terms.

    5.08 Peripheral Nerve Task Force

    The Peripheral Nerve Task Force shall consist of a chairperson appointed by the Section Chairperson for a three-year term, renewable for up to one subsequent three-year term. The role of the Peripheral Nerve Task Force is to coordinate and assist the Joint Section to entrench and enhance peripheral nerve surgery within neurosurgery through promotion of clinical excellence, research activity, educational initiatives and advocacy. Additional subcommittees may be formed, at the discretion of the Peripheral Nerve Task Force chairperson in conjunction with the Executive Committee, as necessary to accomplish this mandate.

    5.09 Membership Committee

    The Membership Committee shall consist of two members appointed for a three year tem, with the senior member acting as the Membership Committee Chair. The Membership Committee, in conjunction with the AANS-CNS office, shall be responsible for maintaining a current roster of the membership. The Membership Committee shall review all prospective applications for membership in all membership categories. It is the duty of the Membership Chair to present to the Executive Committee, at each of its meetings, the list of applicants approved and disapproved by the Membership Committee, and in the case of each disapproval, the reasons for such disapproval.

    Ad Hoc Committees

    Ad hoc committees may be created to address Spine Section needs requiring more detailed or committed work than can be accomplished at an Executive Committee meeting. They are created and dissolved at the discretion of the Spine Section Chair depending on the changing needs of the Section. Oversight of these committees is provided by the Spine Section Chair. Committee work is reported at Executive Committee meetings at the discretion of the Chair.

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