Amendments To Rules & Regulations

    Section 7.01

    New or revised Rules and Regulations may be proposed by any active member. The proposed change or addition shall be communicated to the Chairman of the Rules and Regulations Committee. Within 30 days of receipt of the proposed revision, the proposed change or addition and the recommendations of the Rules and Regulations Committee regarding such proposal shall be submitted to the Secretary for consideration at the next Joint Section Executive Committee meeting.

    Upon approval by the Joint Section Executive Committee, the proposed changes will be presented to the AANS Board of Directors and the CNS Executive Committee for ratification.

    Rules and Regulation changes or amendments thus approved will be presented to the membership in the Joint Section Newsletter.

    Discussion and ratification of proposed Rules and Regulations changes shall occur at the next Joint Section Annual meeting, 60 days or more thereafter.

    Any change in the Joint Section Rules and Regulations shall require a two-thirds majority of the Active members present at the annual Joint Section business meeting.

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